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"Expanding Your Consciousness Since 1991"

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Educational Program Consulting & Communication Skills Training -

Consulting: Helping companies to deliver high-quality learning experiences by knowing what can and cannot be converted to eLearning. We offer consulting to customize technology and tool combinations for any budget.

Advanced Communication Skills Training: Our HABT(sm) training combines dozens of methods for changing patterns in thinking, feeling and behaving to help yourself and others make profound changes quickly. These unique classes are for parents, teachers, veterans, therapists, coaches, counselors, nurses, people - YOU!

HABT(sm) is a comprehensive framework for discerning the correct area on which to focus to support change. All human beings learn to control their human "animals" - their physical, emotional and mental bodies. HABT(sm) is not therapy, nor is it hyped-up coaching. it is specific sets of skills that are learned in structured practice sessions, and then utilized stragegically to help people live more effectively.

Human Animal Behavior Trainingsm (HABTsm) combines:

  • Tools and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) including:
    • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis training - taught differently than anywhere else on earth!
    • Advanced belief change methods to break through limitations more quickly
  • Tools from The Radiance Technique® to support deeper, more lasting transformation and change
  • Skills from mindfulness, meditation practice and Esoteric Buddhism
  • Techniques for shifting awareness from Gestalt therapy

Combining these tools creates an incredibly powerful and focused set of rapid-change methods.
Each technique contributes uniqe qualities to the final mix in creating a HABTSM Solution.
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We want to show you how to effectively enhance and improve lives - especially your own!

Expanding Enterprises' professional services include:

Continuing Education & Training Programs HABTsm Skill Practice Products  Custom Instructional Design Services
Training: 22 Classes on Human Animal Behavior TrainingSM (HABTSM) Unique New Book, "Beliefs and How to Change Them" Coming Soon: Online CE Programs
Classes and Free Public Presentations on The Radiance Technique® Belief Change Practice Cards and Other Practice Products eLearning Development and Consulting Services

This site is dedicated to HABTsm-based training and training design services.
If you were looking for HABT
sm-based counseling or success coaching, click here.

Company Profile

Expanding Enterprises, Inc. is a training company that specializes in applying concepts and models from cognitive therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to the fields of education, counseling, training design and professional skill development.  The business began in 1991, and incorporated in 2001.

Our success is based on helping customers discover what they want and helping them build a clear action plan for getting there.  We also help them to create the needed motivation and strategic supports they will need to continue accomplishing their goals. It is our ability to distinguish means from ends, goals from objectives, and processes from purposes that most helps us create effective and strategic success plans for clients.  This is true for both individuals and corporations with whom we work.   

We specialize in developing highly interactive learning materials - whether on a computer, or for live, "leader-led" training programs. We pride ourselves on holding to a series of independently developed, extremely strict educational design guidelines.  Mr. Westenberg develolped what he calls "Hyper-structured" materials that utilize color, font, and other formatting tools strategically to increase information retention for classes on computer programming. Three classes that he created with this structured formatting were bought by MIT for use in their graduate school.

Additionally, we license specific individuals to train our own professional training programs, most of which offer professional continuing education credit.

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Contact Information

We do our very best to answer all phone calls in person.  If you do get voice mail, please leave a message.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  For your convenience, we are available from Monday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Central Time.


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1225 S. Lorraine Rd.
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