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Tribe of Nine LogoThe Tribe of Nine(sm) Project

(Founded by Expanding Enterprises, Inc.)

Working to reduce the impact of upsetting memories for people worldwide.

The “Tribe of Nine(sm)” name embodies our hope that by training even small groups of people in a simple, structured conversation we can have a growing impact on people who suffer with upsetting memories worldwide.

There have been been many debates in the past about what is considered effective "therapy" versus what is considered "pseudo-science." There have also been many simple techniques available for over 40 years that help people shift memories that are neither scientific nor any form of treatment. However, very little is taught in regular education that is designed to help individuals deal in any way with upsetting memories.

There are several such methods we teach as a cluster under the name, "The Shifting Memories Method(SM)." We want to share this structured and strategic conversation method to the general public (non-therapists) with as many people as possible worldwide. (We emphasize non-therapists because our experience has been that therapists often do not utilize the steps correctly. They begin to introduce therapy methods into it - thus deviating from the structured steps and redering it ineffective. They then blame the original method, instead of their deviation from the structure.) Once the steps of this structured conversation are learned, the sequence makes sense, what the structure accomplishes makes sense, and it is easily learned with a little practice. It is hoped that alumni of The Shifting Memories Method(sm) will lead others through the process to possibly reduce the impact of upsetting memories. Alumni of that training could then provide this service to others either free, or at whatever fee they felt was appropriate.

The method taught involves a simple change in how people remember their memories. It is not a “form of treatment” any more than a friend saying, “Look at it this way…”  Guides are trained in a simple, highly-structured conversation to assure they do not stray into the field of therapy. 

The method is an adaptation and educational expansion of several processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. Since The American Psychological Association and other organizations have declared NLP to not be an accepted therapy method (in fact, they claim it is a pseudo-science) there is no licensing or restrictions on its use in most states. Guides ask a very specific set of questions in a specific order to assure comfort for all involved.  There are built-in steps to assure safety, and no one is ever asked to re-live or re-imagine their uncomfortable memories at any time.  When the structured conversation is complete, the two people can continue talking, or simply part ways as part of a naturally ending conversation.

We seek to quickly put this potentially helpful service in the hands of 10,000 people by December of 2022
- even if that means teaching the minimum-sized group of nine people at a time! 

We want millions of people to learn a method that may help any person with upsetting memories - worldwide!

The Tribe of Nine(sm) Project Goals

1.) To teach an ever-expanding number of individuals how to lead others through a process called, “The Shifting Memories Method(sm).” This structured conversation (sometimes as brief as fifteen minutes) has been shown to potentially reduce the impact of upsetting memories of almost any type. It is our hope to bring this method to as many people as possible by making the training readily available and inexpensive.

a. The Shifting Memories Method(sm) is taught in a three-day training for $445.00.

i. A therapist (MSW, LCSW) with over 40 years of counseling experience wrote the training course. He also has a MSEd. in Adult Education/Training Design and over 15 years of experience writing international training programs for Fortune 50 companies.

This method/conversation does not involve any therapeutic techniques taught in psychotherapy. It offers a different way of thinking about problematic memories of any type so that they may possibly have less impact.

• Correctly following the steps and completing them does not require any specific educational or professional background.


2.) To offer The Shifting Memories Method(SM) training nationwide by trainers certified by Expanding Enterprises, Inc. This would provide an expanding number of "The Tribe of Nine(SM) Guides" utilizing The Shifting Memories Method(SM) with the general public.

• Nine participants makes the class interactive enough that training will offer both learning and practice opportunities with a variety of different people. These nine people can then network and practice the distinctions with each other, with friends, and with anyone else who may benefit from the method.

• It is suggested that 24 participants be the maximum for one trainer.

• Training activities are done in groups of three. Having 24 people means each trainer (or assistant) observes a maximum of eight groups.

• The training has very specific competency observations and verifications needed for a diploma. Larger classes will have assistants to support behavioral observations and assist practice groups with questions.

3.) To continue to train individuals and certify:

  • Assistants - Assist trainers with group exercises and exercise process questions - Alumni approved for role
  • Sign-Off Observers - Can sign off on behavioral demonstration - Alumni approved to discern objective behaviors
  • Trainers - Can teach The Shifting Memories Method(sm) training classes

    Expanding Enterprises will maintain standards for training, and support the public expansion of The Shifting Memories Method(sm) structured conversation process through TheThe Tribe of Nine(sm) Project, and maintain continuing education and bi-annual re-education for these roles.

We want this method available to everyone - worldwide - so people can learn how different ways of remembering can help shift the impact the memories have on them. The help needed in this area is overwhelming. Therapists can only get reimbursed for providing treatment to people who are clinically diagnosed with trauma, and can only provide approved therapeutic treatment. This leaves the vast majority of people with "just upsetting memories" (this is a very insulting "exclusion" of huge numbers of people in need of help!) because there is nobody even assigned to address this incredibly prevalent gap in the worlds education - how to manage our own memories.

Fortunately, there is now available to all a much less complicated procedure for potentially helping anyone with upsetting memories.

Training Goals for The Shifting Memories Method(sm) 

Learn how to lead a person through a structured conversation called, “The Shifting Memories Method(sm)” that can help lessen the impact of negative or upsetting memories of any kind.  The method is a simple “adjustment” or shift in how one remembers any past event.  Many people have discovered different ways of altering their own upsetting memories that made them less upsetting. Some changes resulted in reduced responses to the memories.  Thus, this simple change was modeled after people noticed they are no longer bothered by their own previously upsetting memories.  This structured conversation invites them to make the same shifts and changes naturally during the conversation.

The Shifting Memories Method(sm) is taught in a three-day training for $445.00. This training teaches the necessary distinctions so the guide can assure the person they are leading through this structured conversation actually is going through the shifts in perspective necessary as they converse. The training involves both a written test and behavioral demonstration of the skills involved. Your class diploma does not license any individuals or groups using this method in any way, and Expanding Enterprises, Inc. is not responsible for the behavior of independent alumni or individual trainers. Once the method is learned, the importance of structuring the simple conversation carefully becomes obvious, as you realize how the component parts interconnect in a specific sequence. You are then free to engage anyone in this structured conversation process to help shift their response to any type of upsetting memories they may have in their life.   

Once the value of this process is established, we will then focus on certifying more trainers and vastly expanding availability.

Words to Absolutely Avoid When Describing the Method or Process –

There are words that should NEVER be used to describe what we do, so that we do not mislead the public into thinking this is a form of therapy.  These words include:  

  • Trauma
  • Therapy
  • Technique
  • Treat/Treatment
  • Session
  • Cure
  • Release
  • Cognitive/Cognition
  • Fix
  • Resolve
  • Desensitize
  • Heal/Healing
  • The words, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” or the acronym PTSD


More Accurate Descriptions to Use:

  • Unpleasant or upsetting memories.
  • Teaching a way to think about upsetting memories that could make them less upsetting.
  • Learning a different perspective and different way of thinking about memories.
  • Structured conversation – do not say “session.”
  • Shifting a memory – do not say “releasing” or “resolving” or “desensitizing.”


  • The conversation can be stopped by either the client or the guide at any time without problems or side-effects.
  • Clients are never asked to re-live upsetting memories during the process.

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