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Beliefs and How to Change Them -
A manual of methods for changing beliefs in ourselves
and others. By Larry Westenberg, MSW, LCSW, MSEd.

The author developed belief change methods while working for two decades as a therapist serving severely mentally ill patients in forensic (criminal) psych treatment. He obtained an additional Master's in Education (MSEd), which allowed him to integrate facets of treatment and non-treatment techniques into incredibly effective, multi-layered methods.

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Practice Cards:

Practice Cards for Presuppositional & Sleight-of-Mouth Forms
2 different decks of small cards that allow you to practice language patterns of influence daily and discreetly.

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TRT® Hands - "Non" (virtual hands-on) during Covid.

Remote Directing of Energy Using The Radiance Technique®
- Hours by appointment

Step 1: Call 630-663-8914 to schedule an appointment directly.
Step 2: Pay for the session via the online link. I am notified almost immediately.
Step 3: Receive your scheduled session in either of two ways:

: Skype video with you, or call you via phone for 50 minutes. I will ask if there is anything else you would like to include in your session. I will then complete the Skype/call after our 50 minutes.

OPTION 2: I will call (or text, if you prefer) to remind you of our start time. You can call/text to tell me of any other people /things you would like your session to support. I will direct for 50 minutes without the outer connection. I will then text you when our session in finishing.
This option avoids personal conversation during a directing session.

*This service is available nearly any day remotely.

Pay for a Remote Session - $35.00  
Training in The First Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®

Pay for an upcoming class - Masks and social distancing required. Smaller classes are being taught. Hands-on is utilized with self in the class, and how to utilize hands-on with others is demonstrated using models. Sharing hands-on with others can be easily done by holding the hands one to two inches above the area. There is no need for actual touching.

Description of Class
Pay for First Degree Class
Pay $50.00 Deposit for First Degree
Pay $25.00 for an Expansion Class

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