Training: The Shifting Memories Method(sm)

Expanding Enterprises, Inc.
Naperville IL 60563
Monday - Saturday
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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The Shifting Memories Method(SM)
(The class you take to "join" The Tribe of Nine(SM) Project)

Learn a potential income-producing service offering a structured conversation called, "The Shifting Memories Method(sm)."

This method can potentially reduce the impact of negative or supsetting memories. You do not have to be a therapist or counselor to share this process. The seminar is available to anyone interested in helping people with upsetting memories.

The technique does not utilize any therapy or psychological methods. It is based on a highly-structured conversation through which you guide another person, that can significantly reduce or even eliminate negative reactions to upsetting memories.

Come and learn methods for changing memories in such a way that they have less impact. Students will also learn techniques that can help them achieve a variety of benefits:

  • Enhance and increase the impact of positive memories
  • Increase motivation and determination for goals
  • Learn to effectively shield yourself from intense emotions in yourself and others
  • Learn a new way to access more information about your relationships with others

This 3-day training will teach participants all of the basic steps, distinctions and processes involved in using The Shifting Memories Method(SM) for potentially reducing or eliminating the impact of upsetting memories. This simple but powerful method has been modified into a wide variety of additional change techniques. This dynamic process can be easily learned by any individual who masters the basic steps and distinctions that are involved in making the process work effectively.

No clinical background is required to learn this technique. In fact, non-therapists usually are more successful with the technique because therapists often try to mix in their therapy models, and thus make it ineffective.

Learn new skills that can be used in a huge number of contexts - including ways to possibly help people impacted by quarantine and the inherent stress of so many recent changes.

For more information, call:

(630) 663-8914