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The Radiance Technique®

In our natural state, we carefully maintain balance in our bodies. As demands are placed upon us, we take action. Ideally, after we act, we return to a state of physical, emotional and mental balance. However, modern society places demands upon us so rapidly that we almost never have the opportunity to completely return to a state of balance. Thus we quickly become stressed, fatigued and out of touch with ourselves. This is why most people don't think of stress as a problem until it's far too late.

Powerful yet subtle, The Radiance Technique®, Authetic Reiki® is a tool for helping us regain balance, manage stress and return to a state of wholeness and well-being. The Radiance Technique® is an ancient science of accessing universal, whole energy. This energy or vibration is accessed, amplified and then focused into your hands, so that whenever you touch yourself or any other living being, the vibration of Real Light within your hands resonates with and amplifies the Light within that living being. By amplifying the vibration of wholeness, we can more readily balance the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being, and begin to re-discover our whole and natural selves.


  • Energizes your entire system easily, quickly and safely
  • Can be used with pets, plants and others as well as yourself
  • Can be safely and easily combined with any other techniques, practices or methods
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere and in any situation
  • Can be used as a self-help technique for total relaxation and stress release, and as a support for maintaining health and well-being
  • Once activated, it is yours for life. It never runs out and does not become obsolete.

Once your hands are correctly activated in the training, all you need to do to activate the Universal Energy is touch. In fact, holding the hands one to two inches away from the person works equally well. There is no need for concentration, no beliefs, no dogma or creed, no mental techniques, nor any prerequisite or background knowledge required to learn this technique. Once learned, this technique and your Radiant Touch® is yours for life! You will learn to apply the energy to yourself in a daily hands-on session.

The training is taught in three sessions of four hours each.
Class size is limited to a maximum of ten participants. The fee for this training is $425.00. Your training will include The Official Handbook of The Radiance Technique®, written by Barbara Ray, Ph.D., the world's foremost authority on this ancient energy science. While The Radiance Technique® cannot be learned from any book, the Handbook offers you a wide variety of ways to utilize and apply this Radiant energy in your daily life.


About the Instructor:

LarryLarry Westenberg is an Authorized Instructor of The First Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®, and also The Second Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®. He is authorized by Radiance Seminars, Inc. He began training in The Radiance Technique® in 1986, and has studied to The Seventh Degree of The Radiance Technique® with Dr. Barbara Ray. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Wheaton, IL. He wrote his first Master's thesis on stress and stress management. He also has a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology (M.S.Ed.).

A description of The Radiance Technique® is not the same as the direct experience. That is why most often when I am doing a public lecture, I will have alumni of The Radiance Technique® in the presentation room, so that people to not have to wait to have the experience. However, a bit of a description always helps!

Dr. Barbara Ray, world's foremost authority on this ancient energy science, writes:

"The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, Real Reiki® - Is a cosmic, vibratory, universal, energy science of Eastern derivation in contemporary times and rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the mid-Nineteenth Century. The actual science, itself, is composed of Seven Degrees with Attunements appropriate for each Degree. The science itself has an orderly interior process which, when intact and unaltered, gives access from within to transcendental Inner Light. The purpose of this cosmic science is to give direct access to inner, universal, Radiant energy. This purpose is within the Whole and the connected parts derive their special functions from the Whole not from other parts. Intact, The Radiance Technique®, Real Reiki®, activates from within the processes of Wholes and the Qualities of Wholeness inherent within all living things. This cosmic, not earth, science awakens and expands the principle of universal energy within and supports the journey to your ultimately healing/wholing, cosmic birthright - Enlightenment. On the way, this Radiant, universal energy can be applied to all lower planes (denser vibration) of energy in an interaction supporting and moving in the direction of LIGHT, ALWAYS. The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, Real Reiki®, is not a philosophy, a religion, a cult, an idea or opinion, a medical or disease science nor any other kind of man-made technique - it IS a precise, orderly, cosmic, Inner plane science of universl energy activating and expanding from within a cosmic, transcendental, universal, radiant principle of energy expressing outwardly in qualities of LIGHT, of Wholeness."

(Excerpt is the entry for, "The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, Real Reiki®" on page 231 of, "The New Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique®,Authentic Reiki® - Third Edition. The first edition was published in the United States of American in 1987, copyright 1987 by Dr. Barbara Ray. The third edition is copyright 2011 by Dr. Barbara Ray, published by Radiance Seminars, Inc. in association with Radiance Associates, St. Petersburg, Florida 33736. ISBN 13 978-0-933267-17-6 and ISB 10 10-933267-17-7.
The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc..)

Mr. Westenberg writes, "Having studied Swedish massage and many other stress reduction systems as part of my social work thesis on stress management, I found TRT® to be the fastest, most efficient stress reduction system I have ever studied or practiced.  I was so impressed with the technique that I became an Authorized Instructor of The First Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique® and The Second Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®, so that I could share this technique with others.  I am also a student of The Seventh Degree of The Radiance Technique®, having completed the study of the Seventh Degree with Dr. Barbara Ray in 2013.  (This is 27-years after I studied The First Degree!) I had a First Degree student once comment, 'I think what is most impressive is that you have been doing this for almost 35 years, and you are still enthused and excited about it!' This is quite true. I am honored to teach every different class I have an opportunity to share - and I am MOST excited when I have the opportunity to share classes in TRT®"

Mr. Westenberg studied The First Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique® in 1986.  He attributes his ability to complete two master's degrees while working full-time to the stress-relieving support and improved concentration benefits he experienced from working with TRT.   

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