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Natural Emotional Control Techniques
2-Day Training

What if your brain actually came with an owner's manual that they forgot to give you when you were younger?
This training is what would have been in it!

Join us to learn a variety of non-invasive emotional state-changing techniques!

This 2-day training will explore techniques for working with emotional states. We all have different emotional patterns and typical "approaches" to problems and difficulties. This workshop will help you identify your own most successful and most sabotaging emotional habits, and then use this information to increase your flexibility and success. We will also discuss a number of different ways for you to use these techniques both with yourself and others. These techniques help you to achieve a variety of benefits.

Come and learn::

  • How to maintain your own state of being while you meet with others - even in conflicts and problem areas
  • How to deepen motivation and commitment in yourself and others
  • How to clarify your own goals and values
  • How to make suggestions and interventions more acceptable
  • Access previously unconscious information more quickly

Join us to learn a number of different skills to help you take control of your emotional states more often than they take control of you!

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