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Resolving Conflicts - Inside and Out
3-Days of Unique Negotiation Skills Training

A new type of conflict resolution training class - this is not your typical negotiation methods class!

Learn the negotiation skills to turn any conflict toward a win-win situation by coordinating hidden outcomes and agendas.

"I want to be healthy, but I want to eat chocolate all the time."

"I should quit smoking, but I just can't seem to get started."

"I never have time to complete any projects."

All of these common complaints can be signals about internal conflicts. This workshop focuses on techniques for resolving internal conflicts using various methods from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We will then apply these skills to work more effectively in external conflicts.  Different than compromise or debate, true conflict resolution often means co-developing innovative solutions that satisfy both parts of a conflict. You can learn to shift conflicts within yourself, with another person, and even conflicts that go on around you that you wish to help negotiate.

Participants will: 

  • Learn new and different conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Learn to deepen your congruence and commitment to your goals and values
  • Learn a strategy to make goals more likely to be accomplished
  • Learn to help turn conflict into empowerment

Join us to learn several new and amazing ways of resolving conflicts!

If you are a therapist doing counseling or therapy of any kind and are interested in our HABT(sm) classes, this 3-day course would be a best transition class to begin utilizing HABT(sm) concepts in your own style of therapy. This training in "The Parts Model" will teach you an enormous number of extremely quick, useful, change-producing "techniques" you can use with clients to teach them new coping skills and help them resolve blocks and conflicts.

If you are not a therapist, this class will teach you how to possibly help people lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, and feel better about themselves, without using any therapy techniques. All without blaming them or shaming them in any way.

Parts work is an enjoyable way to think about conflicts that produces multiple options for different resolutions. There is no "digging into their psyche." It is just a very simple interview-styled conversation.

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