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Instructional Systems Design Consulting/Training Design

The growing concern about shared physical space makes online education an obvious solution. This concern is likely to continue to impact our lives for many years into the future, again pointing to further increases in online learning.

Distinguishing what information maps over to online learning sounds like it should be simple. Most Instructional Designers will claim they can do this, but they are not aware of the principles of Information System Design - which is a very different level of work than instructional design. Additionally, most Instructional Designers doing consulting work usually create training in one software program, and only design courses in that software. And, lastly, corporate America's training expectation was always, "Make it just good enough to get by." Filling gaps with glue that is "just good enough to get by" is never a good way to build anything. It was the expectation in most companies. Just enough to get by. To quote a wonderful co-worker, "You can have it crappy, or you can have it next Tuesday. Which do you want it?" [sic]. These were multi-billion dollar corporations. They always chose, "Just give me what you have so far so I look like I came in under budget." They wore down the standards of most of their employees.

When shifting to online education, not every kind of information and very few "styles of teaching" can actually map over to teaching online in the traditional meaning of the term. Extremely low-budget technology used by most schools to deliver courses has also created a poor sense of connection amongst students, often because of technology frustrations.

Our president has worked as a professional therapist (MSW, LCSW) offering group therapy for over 40 years, and offers a very different perspective on how to strengthen group interactions online and create cooperative efforts using multi-observer and multi-editor capabilities, video, cloud storage, and group teaching/review methods.

Mr. Westenberg also has a degree in Adult Education (MSEd.) and has worked creating online courses for nine of the 50 largest companies in America (Fortune 50 companies) since 2005. These include:

  • Accenture
  • AT&T (x2)
  • Bank of America
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield (x4)
  • Abbott Labs (x2)
  • BMO Harris Bank
  • IBM (India)
  • Xerox (Conduent)
  • Abbvie Pharmaceuticals

When working with these large companies, he watched ridiculously poor choices made for how to train people online, and witnessed millions of dollars wasted by too many uninformed decision-makers. Simultaneously, he discovered he could strategically combine limited technologies, and could produce higher-quality training options in a resource-restricted environment.

Because of his history of creating online training courses since utilizing multi-media meant triggering a laser disc player, he has a range of knowledge about a wide variety of learning tools. Not just their features, but having worked for them in multiple companies, being aware of their pros and cons, how they work together - and more often do NOT work together, their security level, etc. etc. Information that comes from experience, not from reading reviews online.

He specializes in writing precise and appropriate training objectives for effective and efficient program results. These training programs are then strategically evaluated for effectiveness, resulting in rapid application and achievement of learning goals. This passion for effective and practical results is also present in his consulting work.

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