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Creative Influence
Five Days of Unique and Advanced HABTsm Certification Training

Creative Influence is a HABTsm Practitioner Certification Training.

Completion of this training (as well as all other HABTsm certification requirements) certifies you as a HABTsm Practitioner.

Before reading on about Creative Influence training, be aware this program has 16 days of training from Expanding Enterprises, Inc. as required prerequisites. You would want to have significant exposure to most of the models and techniques used in HABT(sm) before you attempt to take a 5-day integration class such as Creative Influence. 

The Creative Influence class is designed primarily for counselors and therapists, and focuses on overtly assisting clients.  The parallel Advanced Training entitled, “Advanced Language Skills for Coaches and Therapists” targets school teachers, parents and professional coaches, and it's focus is on covertly assisting clients.

Creative Influence is the use of influence techniques to help clients reach their goals. Influence can quickly become unethical influence when a therapist or guide applies the same skills to help the client achieve the therapist's own goals that THEY have for the client.  

By increasing our awareness of the influence we are unconsciously having on our clients during interactions, we can learn to have more choice about how and when to influence others.   Also, if a therapist is pursuing a “non-influential” environment in which to conduct treatment, then knowledge of specific influence techniques prevents one from unknowingly utilizing the five most common influence techniques. 

Integration of Your Skill Training

This class teaches the integration of a powerful set of communication skills that you have previously developed by utilizing “techniques.”  Now, in your advanced training, you will learn how to lead people through techniques with just a simple conversation.  You will take what you already know and add to it the power of conversational hypnotic language patterns.  This makes your interventions much more effective, as you will learn to set your clients up for success by beginning to utilize strategic language throughout your entire conversation.

This training series will teach students to:

  • Quickly develop deeper rapport with potential clients
  • Quickly identify the client’s real reason for a session and their desired change
  • Increase client motivation to complete a goal or treatment plan
  • Utilize influential language to keep clients focused and moving towards completion of their goals
  • Expand and integrate the techniques/interventions you know with larger models of change
  • Massively increase your referral business from customers

Creative Influence will show you how to do this rapidly, easily and predictably with anyone you meet!

The Creative Influence Training is designed to help both new and experienced coaches and guides support others in carefully creating plans for efficient change. 

This training will challenge you to help others in whole new ways, beyond what you learned in earlier training of NLP techniques.  You will discover how to make your interventions more effective and more impactful than you had ever imagined possible by facilitating unconscious integration of the proposed changes while you work.

1. Advanced Language Skills for Coaches and Therapists – Covertly facilitating changes

In this track of the HABT(sm) Practitioner Certification, the focus is on more covert or indirect methods of influence. The clients continual awareness of the purpose and processes you are leading them through is not required. This is often necessary for teachers and parents, as they are often working with individuals that are not very cooperative and may even be openly defiant. Thus working covertly becomes much more important. This is also useful for therapists working with clients in a mandated treatment environment.

2. Creative Influence – Overtly assisting changes

In this track of the HABT(sm) Practitioner Certification, the focus is more on cooperative and conscious interventions – the client “knows” you are walking them through a process and you involve them more in both information gathering and the intervention process. You are using influence, however the client is generally aware of the different nudges you are providing. The advantage to this as a therapist or coach is that the client is more aware that you are the leader, and thus they are more likely to have more sessions with you.

Day 1

Enhancing Interpersonal Rapport

Whether you are meeting a new person, or involved in an ongoing relationship with an individual, your level of rapport with them will be one of the most important factors in maintaining and enjoying that relationship. Discover the secret key to making your communication impactful that cannot be taught in a book or an online course! Find out why professionals trained in therapy are usually rated as having less rapport skills than untrained individuals. You will also learn to uncover, enhance and increase motivation in yourself and people you meet, as well as learn specific skills for discovering goals - and achieving them!

Day 2

Influential Language and Reframing

Some people have a natural ability to make people feel better when they talk with them.  If you examine their communications, you will often find that they are using particular influential language patterns.  These patterns help clients to find closure to their problems, and open the door for new learning and opportunities.   Learn the techniques of reframing, and discover how they can be further enhanced with the use of hypnotic language patterns.  You will also be learning about conflicting values and how these can be negotiated in an easy but powerful form of conflict resolution that supports mutually beneficial outcomes for both sides.

Day 3

Values and Beliefs

One of the most influential levels of our thinking is the level of beliefs.  Learn how to uncover the structure and relationships of a person’s belief system.  This can help both you and your clients uncover limiting beliefs that can be changed with a number of different techniques.This module also teaches how to use influential language patterns to help clients “get over” their problems and employ their own resources with optimism. By using subtle changes in your language, you can learn to help anybody feel more positive with what appears to be “just a simple conversation.“

Day 4


In this training, participants will learn to maintain their own optimism, energy and curiosity to avoid burnout and exhaustion.   Clients want their therapist to be very alert and comfortable at all times, even when dealing with many major issues or problems.  This training will teach the skill of “state control” to make this much easier. 

This skill can also be taught to clients to help them alleviate symptoms of depression,
increase motivation and deal with difficult situations and people.  Best of all, anchoring can be used to “program your brain” to release good feelings in response to simple cues in your environment.

Day 5


Submodalities is a complete model for change discovered in the early days of NLP.  Submodalities are the “pieces” we use to build internal representations of events and code their meaning.  By re-arranging the pieces of a memory strategically we can change the meaning, change the impact or even change the reaction to our internal representations.  Submodalities-based interventions can be utilized to make any other change method more impactful.  The model also has an amazing variety of applications including grief resolution, belief change, enhancing or reducing motivation as well as discovering how to make our internal world more comfortable.

Join us to discover just how incredibly flexible you can become at changing your own internal world, or helping others to make their world more comfortable and enjoyable!

Our focus will be on helping you as an individual develop the level of skill and mastery to create consistent results in your change work.We also want to make sure you understand the importance of having fun while learning!

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