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Beliefs and How to Change Them -
HABTsm Master Practitioner Training

Our most advanced integration training!
Eight days of integration training that combine into HABTsm Master Practitioner Certification (See HABTsm certification requirements)

  • Integrate the techniques you have learned into larger interventions that incorporate the clients values, beliefs, cognitive filters, communication styles and strategies.
  • Develop language skills that will make your tailored communcations irresistible to your listener, invoking states and concepts you know are near and dear to your client.

This class has approximately 50 days of prerequisite training. Quite frankly, we will not teach you this information unless we are convinced you will use the skills ethically and responsibly!

Come and explore the nature of beliefs and their impact on our behavior!

How do we decide that some people or things are inherently bad? How do we know what to believe? And how do we know that we believe it? What kinds of things cause our beliefs to change?

New models have emerged in cognitive therapy that help us to understand the nature of belief systems and how they can persist in spite of contrary evidence in the real world. These same models offer methods for shifting and changing beliefs as well.

If you've ever wondered how brainwashing works, been amazed by another person's bizarre beliefs, or wondered how someone wonderful can have low self-esteem, then come discuss and discover the structure of beliefs.

Benefits include:

  • Learn new distinctions and methods so you can diagram belief structures, and identify the easiest component to shift and change. (Absolutely no background in cognitive therapy or counseling is required!)
  • Learn how beliefs are formed, and techniques for changing beliefs based on how they were created in these different ways.
  • Learn methods for changing belief structures conversationally - without the person knowing you are doing it.**
  • Learn when to ask strategic and specific questions, and when to use "fluffy talk" to help influence yourself and others.
  • Learn to change your own beliefs so you can develop yourself beyond your self-limiting beliefs and limitations.

    ** Many of the techniques taught in this training were developed by Mr. Westenberg when he worked with criminally insane patients who thought it was "cool" to kill people. Mr. Westenberg worked to change these beliefs - without the patient's "consent" or permission, to help integrate them safely back into normal society - and he does not apologize for that! The fact is, despite their legal charges and attitudes toward murder, they WERE going to be discharged back into society at some point. So, he felt these techniques would be useful to avoid further violence. He also believes that parents have a right to use these covert techniques on their children when they start to believe things like drug use, violence, crime, destruction of their own lives and the lives of others are a "cool idea." Mr. Westenberg simultaneously believes that it is inherently unethical to do covert belief change work unless the client and the therapist are working together toward the same agreed upon belief.

    Join us to explore a very unique model of human functioning!

Belief Changing Skills

You will be applying your knowledge of the techniques and models you have learned with an emphasis on using those skills to change beliefs.

A person’s beliefs are often heavily guarded. Because changing beliefs has such a tremendous impact on the overall functioning of an individual, it is important that individuals taking this training are ethical and supportive of client independence and self-determination.

This training is a collection of all of the different models, techniques, language patterns and skills taught in all of our other training classes with a focus on changing beliefs. You will learn to interact with others and elicit the structure of their belief systems, and work with them to uncover limiting and self-defeating beliefs that the client may not even be aware they are holding. This is our most advanced training, and will include a review and re-application of nearly all of the techniques learned in your previous training programs.

You will learn how to change beliefs overtly with the client as they work with you on weakening old beliefs and creating new ones. You will also learn specific language patterns that are questions and statements designed to weaken beliefs—called, “Sleight-of-Mouth” patterns. You have already practiced strengthening beliefs with presuppositional forms in previous training, and now these will also be focused on the process of changing beliefs - conversationally and covertly.

You will learn methods for changing beliefs using:

  • Anchoring
  • Strategies
  • Language Patterns
  • Metaphors
  • Parts model
  • Submodalities
  • Reimprinting

Each of these models can be utilized as part of changing belief, and by combining them you can achieve significant results with people in a very short period of time.

Skills and the Language of Influence

The most important question in supporting any change work is “What does the client really want?” This leads us directly to the unique expectations of the individuals involved. As we learn to clarify how we communicate our own expectations, we will also be learning new ways to detect expectations of others. We will also help to develop their strengths and support clients in achieving their goals.

Successful change workers help to create the changes and feelings the clients want, and convince their clients that they achieved those feelings independently—or with minimal help from the therapist. This allows the client to feel empowered and led to their own successful conclusion, without being dependent upon a therapist to make value decisions for them. This also leads to rapid referrals, as your clients remember you fondly in every discussion of their time spent with you.

The Beliefs and How to Change Them training is designed teach all of the different components and models with a constant emphasis on changing beliefs. We believe belief change work is extremely valuable when properly shared.

This training will challenge you to help others in whole new ways, beyond what you learned in earlier change process techniques. You will discover how to make your interventions more effective and more impactful than you had ever imagined possible by facilitating unconscious integration of the proposed changes before you even begin working with them.


Eight Unique Days of Intensive Training

Day 1
Increasing Interpersonal Rapport

Your level of rapport with any person will be one of the most important factors in maintaining and enjoying that relationship.

Come and learn the ultimate forms of rapport, including things you never thought possible. Discover the secret key to making communication impactful that cannot be taught in a book or an online course! Learn methods for creating and “sharing” states with others that do not even require a conversation. Learn seven ways to lean a person’s attitude toward liking you when you meet them. You will also learn a technique for eliciting the person's metaphor for goal accomplishment, and make the likelihood of them accomplishing goals much greater.

Day 2
Influential Language

We will begin to experiment with including anchoring into your hypnotic language patterns to increase their impact and assist you in more powerful covert change processes. This process of using several models simultaneously to produce change will continue throughout the training, assisting you in adapting any technique into an appropriate and supportive change process for the shift you are helping to create.

Day 3
Advanced Anchoring
In this training, participants will learn advanced forms of anchoring, including unconscious anchors, multiple anchors and enhancing body responses. If you think Pillar of Excellence” is the peak of anchoring, wait until you discover the deep iceberg under that peak!

This skill can also be taught to clients to help them alleviate symptoms of depression, increase motivation and deal with difficult situations and people. Best of all, anchoring can be used to program your brain to release good feelings in response to simple cues in your environment. You can learn to tie anchors to hypnotic patterns to increase the impact of both. Discover just how intense you can make your own body’s response to feelings and emotions!

Day 4
Advanced Reframing -Beliefs and Values

Learn about the relationship between reframing and beliefs and values. Every reframing process is designed to change the “frame” for a belief or value. This can have significant impact on a person's emotions and behavior as the “level” of beliefs is one of the most influential levels of our thinking. Learn how to uncover the structure and relationships within a person’s belief system. This can help both you and your clients uncover limiting beliefs that may be limiting your ability to change. We will demonstrate how they can be changed with a number of different techniques.

Day 5

Submodalities is a complete model for change discovered in the early days of NLP. Submodalities are the “pieces” we use to build internal representations of events and code their meaning. By re-arranging the pieces of a memory strategically we can change the meaning, change the impact or even change the reaction to our internal representations.

Submodalities-based interventions can be utilized to make any change process more impactful. You will be expected to target your own shift, and develop a technique for creating the shift for yourself, and then within another person. Thus you will learn to structure your own interventions using submodalities!

Day 6
Presuppositions and Sleight-of-Mouth

This module also teaches a series of questions that can help to “loosen” or lessen the commitment to opinions and beliefs. Called, “Sleight-of-Mouth (SOM),” these patterns help shift the cognitive scheme in which beliefs reside, and thus make them more flexible. We will begin demonstrating the relationship between SOM and presuppositional forms.

You have already been introduced to presuppositions in other training, and now you will begin to compose complete language interventions aimed strictly at changing beliefs. By combining SOM and presuppositional forms, one can learn to shift beliefs conversationally and covertly.


Days 7 and 8
Changing Beliefs Using NLP Models

This integration segment will teach a number of overt belief change processes based on anchoring, then strategies, then lauguage patterns, as well as submodalities. Lastly, we will introduce a technique called, "Timeline Reimprinting" which has been shown to effectively identify and shift limiting beliefs that began as a result of impactful events in childhood. This is a very useful for tracking down "residual impacts" of old beliefs that the client is working on shifting. It also teaches a technique for overt change on all levels simultaneously, and offers a way to embed other models and techniques within larger techniques.

These two days will focus on completion of behavioral demonstration of all of the skills required by HABTsm Master Practitioner Certification.

Master Practitioner Certification

A Word About Certification

One of the requirements for HABTsm Master Practitioner Certification is completion of this training and demonstration of all of the behavioral components expected of students. During your practice exercises, be sure and obtain sign-off on your skills demonstrations so that you do not attempt to do all of the observations at the end of the final days of training.

You would need to complete all prerequisite training, including the First Degree and Second Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®. Click here for additional information regarding certification in HABTsm.

Join us to discover just how incredibly flexible you can be at changing your own internal world, or helping others to make their world more comfortable and enjoyable!

Our focus will be helping you as an individual develop the level of skill and mastery that will help you to create consistent results in your change work.

We also want to make sure you understand the importance of having fun while learning!


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